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Blogging Rules

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Blogging Rules


Best Practice References

Technology integration is all about creating a new world with new rules.

On this page you will find resources to guide you in the writing of a wiki or blog practices and policies.

Main issues:


  • Identity protection
  • Cyberbullying


Educational Sources


Guidance for Blogging, by Anne Davis


EDTECH: Focus on K-12 Blog Rules


Blogging Rules: Bud the Teacher's Wiki


The FCE Blog - Privacy Policy & Online Security


Ben Wilkoff's wiki


YALE University Weblogs- Rules and Policies


Anne Davis' wiki - Guidelines and Responsibilities


Can Flickr get me sued? by Chris Craft


Can your daughter's picture at a car wash be used for an ad campaign? by Vicky Davis


Exploitive Corporate Scum Love Creative Commons by Brian Lamb




Childrens Online Privacy




Incredible Internet


Corporate Sources

Policies Compared: Today's Corporate Blogging Rules


Journalism Sources

EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers



Internet Safety by Jace Galloway



Identity Protection

Originally uploaded by Yellow Reporter LJ

Think Before You Post

...your picture online.


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Originally uploaded by ekeren1


ABC News interview with Amanda Lenhart from PEW

May 2007


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PEW Report Teens Getting Smart about Online Privacy


PEW Inernet & American Life Project - Homepage




This blog post by David Truss includes the detailed account of a cyberbullying incident and video resources for awareness.


Christopher Sessums shares his links and videos on cyberbullying


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