Internet Telephony


Internet Telephony




Voice over IP - VoIP

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Skype Download


How to use Skype: A video tutorial

Originally uploaded by: randytyler

Date: 3 December 2006

Duration: 08:48


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Recording Skype Calls



(voice and video)


The free version allows you to record up to 15 minutes.


Evoca can integrate your Skype username. See the instructions in this post by Chris Craft


Sam download


Some is also an answerphone

Video Tutorial

Originally uploaled by robertsdoug

Date: 21 May 2007

Duration: 03:57

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Further Reference


Teaching Online - Skype by Claudia Ceraso (2006)


My links tagged Skype


Impressions from a classroom where students use Skype and Pamela for telephone skills.

Originally uploaded by trendmatcher

Date: 17 May 2007

Duration: 01:50


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