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Legal and Copyright Issues

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Legal and Copyright Issues


Main Issues

  1. The Internet in Education
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Licensing and authorship
  4. Attribution and Nettiquete
  5. What to do?


Clarification of Terms

 from Wikipedia entries 

Copyright - Use of the phrase All rights reserved

Creative Commons -Use of the phrase Some rights reserved  


Public Domain

Licence (also License) 





What is Copyright?

What does Copyright Protect?

Originally uploaded by bogeybear

Date: February 2007


Basic Readings


The following chart is an HTML version of a chart created by Hall Davidson to inform teachers of fair use of copyrighted materials, as provided in Chapter 1 of Title 17 of the United States Code.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers


In Depth


Blog Discussions


The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use by Hall Davidson



Collected Perspectives on Copyright


The Little Book on Plagiarism by Charles Nelson

Reflections on the difference between copyright infringement, plagiarism and photocopying (when done by teachers).


The Iron Cage of Copyright by Beth Kanter


Encouraging Student Creativity with Creative Commons by Andy Carvin


Copyright Law:Ten dos and donts


12 Important US Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know


It Must Have Seemed Easy by David Warlick



Wiki Entries

Podcasting Legal Guide


An Introduction to IP and Creative Commons for Educators




The End of Copyright Ernest Adams (2005).




Legal Guide for Bloggers


Ten Big Myths about Copyright Explained by Brad Templeton


A Digital Annotated Concept Map of the Fundamentals of US Copyright Law by Lionel S. Sobel


What is Copyright Protection?


A Teacher's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright


Educational sources


Copyright and Fair Use - Stanford University


Detecting Plagiarism - IOWA State University


The Plagiarism Plague - Spark Notes


Anti-plagiarism Strategies by Robert Harris


Everything You Need To Know About Plagiarism  


Definition, what to do and online sources

Originally uploaded by time4online

June 2007



Originally uploaded by dwarlick

October 2007

Comments on David Warlick's webpage.

Slide 11 includes reference to the extension of work that may be cited.



A Fair(y) Use Tale

Uploaded to You Tube in March 2007.

Original Source.

Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University provides this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles.

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What to do?

Copyscape Search Engine

Search for copies of your work on the Internet


Dealing with Website Plagiarism: When Someone Copies Your Blog Content? by Amit Agarwal


Who is Copying your Content? by Steve Dembo


Beware the P word: plagiarism! by Bárbara P. García


Orsai: Algunos casos de usurpación o plagio menor por Hernán Casciari


Que hacer cuando te encuentras tu trabajo copiado literalmente y sin ninguna referencia a tu persona por Isabel Pérez


¿Acaso yo he cometido un plagio? Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia


Creative Commons


Choosing a License


Further Reference In Spanish

Guía Legal del Blogger


Responsabilidad legal por los comentarios que los lectores dejan en los blogs y foros por Roger Schultz


Copyright y Copyleft por Enrique Quagliano

Thanks to


-Dennis Oliver, for his mail feedback when I mentioned my idea to create this page.

-Darren Kuropatwa, for his bookmarks.

-Judy O'Connell for the link Fair(y) Use Tale and Andy Carvin's post.

-Miguel Guhlin for the Collectanea link.

-Nathan Grimm for the Everything You Need to Know About Plagiarism link.



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