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Resources for developing and writing course objectives.


Developing Course Objectives

Reasons for an objective. Components. Kinds of objectives.


Understanding Objectives


Class Objectives

Types of objectives. How to write objectives. Examples of well-written objectives.


Using Objectives as a Learning Contract

How course objectives can make explicit the roles of teacher and students.

Examples in ppt.

Bloom's taxonomy.


How to Write Clear Objectives

What to bear in mind when designing objectives. A taxonomy of typical problems when writing objectives.





Definitions of Behavioural Verbs for Learning Objectives


Stems and Samples




How to Write Learning Objectives that Meet Behavioural Criteria


Guidelines for Writing Measurable Objectives




Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives


Bloom's Taxonomy

Wiki page Edorigami

Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally

Suggestions for Classroom Activities

Bloom's Taxonomy




The Three Types of Learning







Writing a Lesson Plan


Examples of objectives in a Creative Writing Course





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