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Help! I'm new with wikis


Exploring basic technical aspects


Wikis are simple and easy. However, the newbie may find this is a whole new world. Let's explore it a bit.


First things first:

What is a wiki?



PBwiki homepage


Logging in

Two possibilities:



Even if you do not have a wiki, you may create a PBwiki identity here. That is, you may have a user name to automatically sign your contributions to any PBwiki you take part in without creating a wiki. It is an useful option for your students.


If you already have a PBwiki, then simply log in with your existing user name.


My.PBwiki.com is also a home page to organise a list of all the wikis you take part in. There you can decide to receive notifications of the changes in any wiki. (read more in this post from PBwiki blog)


Creating a PBwiki

Learn how to create a PBwiki by reading an online step-by-step tour or watch this two-minute video.


YouTube plugin error


How do I edit a page?

Perfect! I've created my PBwiki, but...

Here is a 90-second tutorial on the main PBwiki features in your point-and-click page editor.


Adding files to a PBwiki page

A short video tutorial


Creating your own Templates

Tag your wiki page with the word 'template'


Tagging Pages

Check it out by logging into your wiki and looking at the bottom-left box. Click on the + sign to add tags.

More at the official forum


Some extra help

from the PBwiki team                                                               


Ideas for a wiki 


PBwiki Educator videos

To learn what wikis are all about.


Ideas for using wikis

Educational and related




Now I would like to learn more...



The official PBwiki

Advanced editing features


Wiki Style


The official blog

The Daily Peanut


The official forum

PBwiki Forum Index









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