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Web 2.0



What is Web 2.0?

Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation Software.

The term Web 2.0 was introduced by Tim O'Really in this essay written in 2005


Tim O'Really

Tim O'Really on Web 2.0 and Education

Interview by Steve Hargadon

1 May 2007


Web 2.0

Wikipedia entry on Web 2.0


Originally uploaded by jutech


March 2007

Duration 5.17


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The Machine is Us...The Machine is Us/ing Us

Reflection on Web 2.0

Originally uploaded by mwesch



January 31 2007

Duration: 04:31


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A Video Response to The Machine is Us/Using Us

A critical view

Originally uploaded by: CoryTheRaven

February 10 2007

Duration: 03:15



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The Machine is Us/Using Us (Final Version)

March 8 2007

Duration: 04:33


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What is Web 2.0? by Prof Wesch


Review of the Year's Best 2.0 explanations (2005)  by Dion Hinchcliffe


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