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Wise-ELT Convention 2008


Here you will find the description of my session at the Wise Internet Convention for Teachers of English 2008. This page will be the handout and archive of slides and related resources to the presentation. Attendees and online visitors will be provided with a password to comment here during and after the event. 


To leave a comment, please log into the wiki.

The password is claudia and it will be active for two weeks.

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Contact info

blog: eltnotes.blogspot.com

email: fceblog (at) gmail (dot) com

twitter: fceblog


This site is a wiki. Your reflections and comments on the session will be an important part of the learning experience.



Wiki-Based Peer Review in the Writing Class: An Experience.


Saturday, October 4th, 2008 @ 3.45pm (GMT-3)



Presentation Summary


What can we do now that we could not do before? In this presentation we will explore the possibilities for the teaching of EFL writing in a wikified classroom. Participants will be introduced to the basics of management of a course through a wiki. We will see how to engage learners in their own production as well as their classmates' writings by creating a classroom community of shared corpora. The paradigm shift implied by allowing learners to become peer reviewers offers pedagogical challenges and opportunities, as we move the focus from the exam results to the language learning process. This session will outline elements of a blended-learning experience that teachers may adapt to their own classroom needs.



Presentation Slides





Presentation Structure





Read/Write Web and the Paradigm Shift. Why does it matter for us teachers?


Wiki-basics. A brief how-to digitize your class



The Corpus Wiki


Wikifying the Classroom: procedures and implications


Socialization of Writing: the student as publisher



A Peer Review Experience


Developing Peer Reviewers


Assessing Criteria





Final Thoughts


Project Evaluation 


Teachers and Students' Reflections on the Experience




A Word on the Project Background


The experience presented today is based on the work done with a group of FCE students in 2007 and 2008. The website is called Corpus –a portfolio of the students’ written production.





Some reflections I published on my ETL Notes blog:



“I have never had a class so willing to review and re-write a piece without my request. Students come back to an assignment even weeks after finishing it. They are experiencing what writing is really about. Nor have I heard students voicing in class so much reflection on the process. The wiki history is revealing of the revision steps; but not the feelings around those alterations. The moments when words just do not come, the haunting idea that it all sounds too simple or foreign. Students learn a lot by voicing and sharing these doubts as well as the documented results on the wiki page.”






As a wiki space, this site aims at helping students become active participants of the Read/Write web and to familiarise them with communicative and learning possibilities that, without technology as a mediator, would simply not take place. Linguistic production, style, netiquette affect the way we encode messages if we are to establish a connection with other people, not just writing samples for an exam. These new linguistic needs should gradually be addressed at school if we mean to help our students become effective actors in today’s networked, global and collaborative working environments.”






The Corpus wiki project site currently holds over 250 pages. It is still under permanent construction and revision.



Claudia Ceraso


October 2008







These links point to the tools mentioned in the session. You will find clear step-by-step video tutorials to start your own projects.


HELP! I'm new with PBwikis


Working with Wikispaces


Using Wikis














































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